A Post from a Day in the Office (Hi there!)

Hello everyone, my name is Patty. I’m an intern from Indonesia but I’m currently studying in Japan (Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University). It is currently my 5th week here in Kannonyama Fruit Garden that I’ve become so used to living in the countryside. It was sunny today and I managed to take some good pictures (you should too)!

I came here with the intention of improving my Japanese language skills and to learn about agricultural business management. As you may know, interns can work in the field, packing/sorting, factory, office or in the parlour; the latest addition in Kannonyama Fruit Garden. Most of the time I work in the field, but as I would like to learn different aspects of the business, I asked the staff to let me visit every place and I did! *Yay*

Not all kinds of work are allowed to be done by interns, so I asked lots of questions about practically everything instead. The staff always try their best to answer my questions, even though sometimes it is difficult to communicate with a person whose Japanese is broken (a.k.a me). The people I met here are just the kindest and the sweetest, including my housemates in shataku (company’s house). I got a chance to share the house (plus food) with 9 other interns, which I’ll miss for sure.

Before coming here, I thought I would get more fit by working outdoors often. If you happen to have the same thought, I am sorry. It is a lot easier to plump yourself here, as Kaichou will try to do so since your first day. He occasionally takes us out to dinner or asks the parlour’s staff to give us parfaits and whatnot. One time he came to shataku at night to bring us a two containers worth of Nachurun (drinking jelly), just out of a small talk where someone mentioned that we are running out of it. It happened on my first week here and we are still trying to finish the jelly until this day.  


Apart from food, Kaichou also likes travelling. He took us to Kōyasan (Mt. Kōya) one day after work, out of the blue. In a barbecue we had, he said that he wanted to have a trip with the interns and trainees, but, he had not decided when. About 3 days later, he visited us in shataku and showed an e-mail of the hotel bookings. Although most plans are sudden, it has been fun! 

 By the way, Kaichou just gave me a pack of saba sushi as I am writing this. “Do you like sushi? Here.” So, I guess you got the picture? 😛

All in all, I have been enjoying my time in Wakayama. Some days were tough, either physically or mentally (or both), but there is always something new to learn from each day as I embrace the different experiences. I am thankful that the company is glad to help me learn and grow as well 🙂

Wish you (future interns ) the best, good luck!



(Bahasa Indonesia)

Halo semuanya, nama saya Patty. Saya mahasiswa magang dari Indonesia, tapi sekarang sedang kuliah di Jepang (Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University). Minggu ini adalah minggu ke-5 saya di Kannonyama Fruit Garden, dan saya sudah sangat terbiasa tinggal di kota kecil ini. Hari ini cerah dan saya pergi mengambil beberapa foto (kamu juga yah)!

Saya datang kesini dengan niatan meningkatkan kemampuan Bahasa Jepang dan belajar tentang bisnis agrikultur. Seperti mungkin kamu ketahui, siswa-siswi magang disini bisa kerja di kebun, pengepakan/pemilahan, pabrik, kantor atau di kafe; yang merupakan tambahan terbaru di Kannonyama Fruit Garden. Saya hampir selalu bekerja di kebun, tetapi karena saya mau mempelajari macam-macam aspek dari bisnis ini, saya meminta staf yang bertugas untuk mengijinkan saya bekerja di semua divisi, dan saya sudah melakukannya! *Hore*

Tidak semua pekerjaan boleh dilakukan oleh peserta magang, jadi untuk itu saya banyak sekali bertanya. Staf disini selalu memberikan yang terbaik untuk menjawab pertanyaan-pertanyaan saya, meskipun kadang sulit untuk berbicara dengan saya yang Bahasa Jepangnya tidak fasih. Orang-orang yang saya temui disini sangat baik dan ramah, termasuk teman-teman seasrama perusahaan. Saya berbagi asrama perusahaan dengan 9 orang peserta magang lainnya yang akan saya sangat rindukan.

Sebelum datang kesini, saya pikir saya akan tambah sehat dengan bekerja banyak di kebun. Kalau kamu juga berpikir demikian, maaf ya. Lebih gampang untuk menggemukkan badan deh, karena bapak pemiliknya akan selalu berusaha supaya para karwayannya gemuk. Bapak pemilik kadang-kadang beliau akan mengajak kami pergi makan malam bersama atau meminta staf di kafe untuk menyunguhkan kami parfait dan lainnya. Suatu waktu, beliau datang tiba-tiba di malam hari dan membawa dua kotak berisi Nachurun (jeli minum), hanya karena ada seseorang yang bilang kalau di asrama sudah tidak ada jeli. Itu terjadi di minggu pertama disini dan kami masih berusaha menghabiskannya.

Selain makan, bapak pemilik juga suka jalan-jalan. Beliau pernah mengajak kita ke Gunung Koya sepulang kerja. Di satu acara barbekyu, beliau merencanakan karyawisata magang yang belum ditentukan kapan. 3 hari kemudian, beliau datang ke asrama perusahaan dan memperlihatkan semua pemesanan hotel. Meskipun banyak rencana mendadak, waktuku disini menyenangkan. Baru saja ketika saya menulis ini, beliau datang dan membawakan sushi ikan makarel. “Kamu suka? Ini”. Jadi, mengerti kan seperti apa orangnya? 😛

Intinya, aku sangat menikmati waktuku di Wakayama. Beberapa hari sangat melelahkan,secara fisik dan mental, tetapi, selalu saja ada sesuatu yang bisa dipelajari dari itu ketika saya merangkul semua macam pengalaman. Saya juga bersyukur perusahaan ini memberikan kesempatan untuk saya bertumbuh dan berkembang.

Untuk peserta magang berikutnya, saya doakan yang terbaik, semangat!


After almost 13 hours of traveling from Tokyo, a Kannonyama human came to my rescue. I took the night bus from Tokyo, and then trains to Kokawa staion. From which I walked to the farm. In retrospect it was ill-thought, as it took almost an hour with my luggage. However, as I got closer, a staff at Kannonyama realized I was one of the interns and proceeded to give me a lift to the farm.


Despite the rough start, I feel like this experience is one I will remember for the rest of my days. Once I arrived, Kaichou showed me around the farm and introduced me to the family. Afterwards, we went shopping for my groceries. After meeting everyone, we went straight to work. We selected lemons until the end of the day.


In the evening we had a welcome / going away party for myself and the another intern. We had bento and some drinks. It was fun, we talked about international politics.

Hence, here’s a picture of me writing this post. Smile and all.


Pagkatapos ng mahabang byahe galing Tokyo, sa wakas nakarating din ako ng Wakayama. Medyo malayo, pero pag dating dito okay naman. Mabait nman ung mga tao, pati maayos naman ung guest house na pinag iistayan ko. Malapig nga lang, ka share ko ung dalawa pang intern na galing ng Germany. Tas nung kinagabihan na, nag arrange sila ng welcome party, kumain kami ng bento tas drinks after.


[By Maria Diaz – Kannonyama Intern from Ireland & Philippines]


Over the last month there’s been a lot of preparation and anticipation for the annual Kannonyama thanksgiving festival, which we finally had last week! We had a great turnout of festival-goers and we couldn’t have asked for better weather. Throughout the day, there were plenty of activities and entertainment organised. There were even a couple of celebrity appearances too with Wakayama girl group Fun x Fam and Maya Ayahane stopping by to perform. At the festival, you were able to pick your own mikans in the nearby field, participate in the mikan hunt , join in the group games and watch the fireworks display. Almost all of the staff were able to stop their usual work and come join in and it was nice that everyone was together in one place. It was good fun and there was certainly a lot to be thankful for


[By Taylor – Kannonyama Intern from Australia]


I’ve always wanted to experience a ryokan and this week I finally stayed at one!


Kaichō took Shōchan and I to the beautiful Hiinanoyu Ryokan near Wakayama City. We wore yukata, bathed in an onsen, had relaxing massages, slept on tatami mats and ate an assortment of delicious food prepared by the skilful Hiroto Akama. We also went and checked out the nearby Awashima Jinja (the famous doll shrine) and Wakayama Castle. It was a fantastic couple of days jam-packed with culture and new experiences that I’ll never forget. どうもうありがとうございました.


On a side note, I experienced my first earthquake today! A 5.2 magnitude one at that. Let’s just say that one experience is plenty, thanks.


[By Taylor – Kannonyama Intern from Australia]


Yesterday we spent the day at the LOHAS festival in Osaka, a festival promoting sustainable lifestyles. The event was HUGE and a lot of fun.  At the festival, Kannonyama had a stall selling a few products including fruit jellies, drinks, honey and some fresh fruits. I helped in the stall (to the best of my ability) handling sales, offering samples to passerby-ers and calling out the infamous ‘いらっしゃいませ!’


Lots of couples and families with their young kids were out and about enjoying the fine weather. There were endless rows of stalls with cute crafts and delicious food on offer, it was hard not to buy everything in sight. I really enjoyed hanging out with the staff, greeting customers and just being in the festive atmosphere. Heading to another festival next week too which I’m really looking forward to now


[By Taylor – Kannonyama intern from Australia]


Shōchan and I had an adventure day this week on our day off in Wakayama City. It was a lot of fun! We visited Wakayama Castle, a picturesque old castle that sits upon a hill looking over the city. It was beautiful and rich with history. We also went to a place by the sea called Marina City where we had super fresh sashimi sushi and walked along the ocean boardwalk. Of course, we also made time for a spot of shopping while we were there (I just can`t go by a 100 yen shop without a little look around). All in all, it was a great day and really nice to get out and about and explore more of beautiful Wakayama.


[By Taylor – Kannonyama Intern from Australia]


The last few days I’ve been doing field work (enchi) up at the mountain base.


There, I’ve learned how to pick mandarins (mikan)  and persimmons (kaki) which are in season at the moment. We don’t have many persimmons in Australia so it was really interesting (and tasty) to learn more about them. There were two types, Taishu and Kinokawa. We were only picking the Taishu variety, so I had a quick lesson on the difference – basically they’re slightly bigger, have a darker stem and are sweeter. It was peaceful work in the early morning sun.


Out in the field, we also fixed the fence surrounding the fruit trees. Apparently there are wild boars (inoshishi)  which often try and have a snack on the Kannonyama fruit. Our task was to reinforce the existing fence with metal stakes and secure them with zip ties. Hopefully, that’ll keep them out!


Enjoyed finally meeting the enchi group and torturing them with my bad Japanese. ごめん!Looking forward to trying out the other departments too


[By Taylor – Kannonyama intern from Australia]


The perfect balance of sweet and tart, the mikan [みかん] (or mandarin orange) is undeniably one of the most delicious fruits. As the most popular type of Japanese orange, the mikan holds a special place here in Japan. So special, in fact, that every year on the second Sunday of October, a festival is held to celebrate it! The festival is known as ‘Mikan Mastsuri’ and is held at the Kitsumoto Jinja, a Shinto shrine in Kainan, Wakayama.


It just so happened that the Mikan Matsuri for 2016 was yesterday, day three of my internship here at Kannonyama Fruit Garden, and I had the pleasure of attending it with Kannonyama owner, Yoshi.


The festival began with a very traditional Japanese ceremony held inside the shrine. Most attendees were representatives of the neighbouring fruit companies and each brought offerings of mikan products from their respective farms. The ceremony was led by the ‘Kannushi’, the temple leader, accompanied by his son as well as a young girl called a ‘miko’. Admittedly, I didn’t really understand what was going on or being said, but nevertheless, it was fascinating to be able to witness such an intricate ritual showcasing the rich Japanese culture. Highlights included a procession of food offerings, a beautiful dance by the young miko, a blessing by the Kannushi using an object called a ‘nuki’ and a performance by a children’s choir. Following the ceremony, there was a dance display of the ‘komainu’, a kind of lion-cross-dog creature commonly seen at Shinto shrines and celebrations. The dance could be likened to the dragon dance seen at Chinese festivals where a dance team manipulates a flexible figure to mimic the movements of the komainu. The dance depicted a fierce battle between the komainu and human warriors and was a mesmerizing sight. However, I have to admit I felt sorry for the dancers at the back who held their arms high for almost 30 minutes! Kudos to them. The next and final part of the festival was by far my favourite – an activity known as ‘mochimaki’ or rice cake scattering. Basically, mochi and candy is thrown from the second-story of a building into a crowd of people below and the aim is to catch as much food as possible, using whatever tactics you can. To my surprise, the Kannushi offered for me (the only foreigner at this small-town event) to do the throwing – a rare and sought-after opportunity for which I am very grateful. It was soooo much fun. I’m not sure if it was the power or the hilarity of seeing people scrapping for food, but it was an experience and a sight I will not soon forget.


The festival was a unique and delightful event and I have to say that I now have more appreciation for the little orange citrus. It was a great start to my internship here at Kannonyama Fruit Garden, and I can’t wait to see what’s in store next…


[By Taylor – Kannonyama intern from Australia]


Hello everyone.
Yesterday I left Kannonyama. The 3 months I’ve been in Japan have gone by too quickly.
But, at some point around when I first arrived, in the self-introduction that I was forced to write by Harada-san, I wrote that I while in Kannonyama, I wanted to mature (like an Orange tree…). And I really do feel like I have.
I’m sorry for not updating everyday!
Thank you for reading my updates.
I’ll be back soon enough, take care everyone!


皆さん、お久しぶりです。 昨日は観音山から離れる日でした。今までの三ヶ月は本当に短く感じます。 でも、私が着いたばかりのとき、原田さんに書かせられた自己紹介に「和歌山にいる間に、みかんの樹のように成長していきたい」って書きました。本当に成長してきた気がします。 皆さん、毎日報告しなくてすみませんでした! 読んでくれてありがとうございました! また観音山に行きますよ!皆さん、元気でね!!


[By Tina– Kannonyama intern from England]


Good evening everyone! ☆
I spent all day today doing work at home♪
Today Uki the intern was also at home baking sweets made from Kannonyama’s produce which I was lucky enough to try!
They were super tasty! It’s great living with someone who can cook! ☆
Tomorrow I’m off to the office 




[By Tina– Kannonyama intern from England]


Good evening everyone!
I’m sorry for not updating again!!!
Last week I went to the orange fields for the first time in a while! I was removing unneeded fruit in order to allow the trees to grow oranges to their full potential ☆
I went to a hot spring with my Boss and Hideyoshi-san who is doing an internship at Kannonyama. We ate soft ice-cream that’s made from Kannonyama’s 100% Mikan Juice. It was pretty tasty! ♪
Doing my best again this week ☆




[By Tina– Kannonyama intern from England]


Good evening everyone!
It’s been raining a lot recently! It’s like it’s the monsoon season again.
Yesterday I went digging for potatoes! I went with the new intern Toyofuku-san and Ise-san! It was a bit difficult but it was fun! There were too many spiders and I screamed more than once…T_T; But there were cute froggies so I recovered a bit!
I translated again all day today!
I’m doing my best every day☆


昨日芋掘りしました!新しい研修生の豊福さんと伊勢さんと行きました!ちょっと大変でしたけど、楽しかったです!蜘蛛が多すぎて何回もキャー!って叫びました (;´Д`) 可愛いカエルちゃんがいたから、またちょっと元気になりました!


[By Tina– Kannonyama intern from England]


Good morning everyone!
This week has been really busy so I couldn’t update, I’m really sorry!!
Do you remember that I went to the grape fields on Tuesday? Well the photos that Shachou took are on the website! I’m gonna end up acting like a celebrity soon enough☆
We had another barbecue on Wednesday evening! It was really fun!
Around lunchtime on Thursday the three guys from Kinki University went home. I’ll miss them but I was glad I got to meet them. You can meet so many people at Kannonyama♪
I’ve been doing mostly translation this week but yesterday I went to Ashiya, Kobe and to Osaka. I went to see the different ways in which fruits are used in different places. I ended up going to 4 different cafes so by the time it was evening I thought I was going to throw up I was so full! But I got to eat amazing fruits all day so ah well tongue emoticon
I’m back to translation today! Wish me luck ☆


今週はすごく忙しくて、報告できませんでした!申し訳ありません!m(_ _)m


[By Tina– Kannonyama intern from England]


Now that Ellie’s gone, it’s kinda lonely…T_T
Today and yesterday’s fruit tasting was grapes! They’re sweet and delicious~I heard they’re going to get even more delicious! I can’t wait~
I’m doing my best translating again today! I hope I can make a great English website☆
This morning I went to the grape fields for a little bit. The fields were massive, the air was clear, it was really great. I also got a load of grapes! 😀
Three students from Wakayama University have arrived last week! They all seem really nice so I hope we can get along well!
It really it all-you-can-eat fruits here!


エリーちゃんがいなくて、寂しいですね (TдT)


[By Tina– Kannonyama intern from England]


Hello everyone! Today is really hot again☆
Today was my first translation for work! I translated 1 page of the website. If I say “1 page”, then you’d think it’s probably really short, right? However, in reality, that page was 2500 Japanese characters! AMAZING RIGHT?? I worked really hard with Ellie, so I’m exhausted♪
Today is Ellie’s last day, so I got Ellie and the three interns to let me take a photo of them☆Saying goodbye…it hurts right… T_T
Tomorrow I’m going back to Kobe with Ellie, so please don’t forget me before Monday!


Ellie here! Today’s translation was fun! In the future, I want to do a job relating to English and Japanese translation, so it was great to have been able to have that experience☆ My time in Kannonyama is coming to an end…It was short but I’m happy I was able to have such a great time here. I was able to feel the sense of community at Kannonyama. I think it’s a really great place to work! Take care, everyone~


今日はエリーちゃんの最後の日だから、私がエリーちゃんと研修生に写真を撮らせてもらいました☆さようならなんて、辛いよね (TдT)




[By Tina and Ellie– Kannonyama interns from England]


Good evening everyone! I just got back from Mt. Koya ☆ The weather was cool, the scenery was pretty, it was really great!
Last night, I went to a tiny festival with Kaichou, Ellie and the three new interns. It was Ellie’s first festival! I was really happy to be able to do goldfish catching, eat delicious food and see the Bon festival dances!


Ellie here! Going to Mt. Koya with Tina today was really fun ♪ Tina taught me lots of interesting things about Japanese history! Last night’s festival was small but it was really great ☆ I was really happy to have been able to wear yukata with Tina! 




エリーです!今日ティナちゃんと一緒に高野山に行くのは楽しかったです♪ ティナちゃんに日本の歴史について色んな面白い事を教えてもらいました! 昨夜の祭は小さかったけど、とても良かったです☆ティナちゃんと二人で浴衣を着れて嬉しかったです!


[By Tina and Ellie– Kannonyama interns from England]


It’s really hot today!☆
The monthly selling season is back in full swing! Everyone is doing their best so please cheer us on!
Today three new interns have arrived! It looks like they’re gonna be here for about 10 days! I hope we can become good friends! It seems like it would be really tough to come in the busy selling season, but they’re all working enthusiastically with smiles on their faces! I think they’re going to be wonderful interns~
Ellie seems to also be doing her best♪I wonder what she thinks of country life??
Tomorrow I may be going to Mt. Koya again so if I don’t update I’m sorry!!
Let’s keep doing our best!


Ellie here! I’ve only been in Kannonyama for two days now, but my impression of Wakayama so far is that the scenery is really beautiful and everyone is really nice♪ There are quite a lot of bugs though…;P
There’s not much time left before I have to leave, but there are still a lot of things that I want to experience! ☆




エリーです!今まで観音山に2日間しかいないですけど、和歌山の印象は景色がすごく綺麗で、みんなが優しいです♪虫がちょっと多いですけど 笑 帰るまでの残り時間が少ないですけど、まだ色んな事を体験したいです!☆ 観音山の皆さんよろしくお願いします!


[By Tina and Ellie– Kannonyama interns from England]


Long time no see everybody! I’m really sorry for not updating for such a long time, but I’ve brought adorable Ellie back from Kobe with me, so please forgive me! ;P
Before I went back to Kobe, I went to Kokawa Festival with Ise-san and Saki-san and Kaichou! Wearing a yukata, eating delicious flavoured ice, getting omikuji…it was really great! I really feel lucky that I am able to be an intern at Kannonyama!
So, let’s have Ellie introduce herself~


☆Hello, everyone! I’m Ellie, Tina’s friend from Oxford! For the past month or so I’ve been doing a short language course in Kobe. This week, I’m looking forward to experiencing the Japanese countryside in beautiful Kannonyama! (*^^*)/ ☆




☆皆さん、こんにちは!ティナちゃんのオックスフォード大学の友達で、エリーと申します!今まで神戸に一ヶ月ぐらい短期留学していました。この一週間、素敵な観音山で日本の田舎の生活を味わいたいと思います!よろしくお願いします!(*^^*)/ ☆


[By Tina and Ellie– Kannonyama interns from England]


It rained again today and apparently there will be another typhoon on the weekend! Weird weather…
Today was boxing orders, labeling jam and jelly! So much jelly…
The flowers on the kumquat trees suddenly bloomed today and lots of honey bees are coming to visit! Lots of different types of peaches are arriving! AND WATERMELON!
Every day there is a little change~




[By Tina – Kannonyama intern from England]


Even though the monsoon season has officially ended, it rained heavily today.
Today’s fruit tasting was plum! Tasty!! They were a bit sour though…
Because it rained, you can’t work in the fruit fields. So today I worked with everyone who usually works in the fields putting labels on juice bottles.
It’s so relaxing here.




[By Tina– Kannonyama intern from England]


Day after the barbeque and everyone is busy back at work!
Today I learnt to use some of the machinery used to wrap packages ready for sending! So cool!
Later in the afternoon when it was a bit less busy, I helped Hikari-san make a small sign for customers who come to the office. After that, I learnt how to wrap the lemon trees that are sent to customers!
I wonder what new things I might learn tomorrow.




[By Tina– Kannonyama intern from England]


It seems that the monsoon season is finally over!
Tonight there was a huge barbeque that everyone attended. It was great to spend time with everyone! We even did nagashi-soumen! (Where you put soumen noodles into flowing water and people eat it as it gets to them.)
I ended up singing karaoke and as a reward I was given some amazing mushrooms! Thank you!!
To finish off we had mini-fireworks, luckily it stays warm at night time in Japan in summer.




[By Tina– Kannonyama intern from England]


Back to work today! The weather is still and beautiful, it’s like we didn’t just have a typhoon.
Today the orders for peaches are coming in! Looking forward to eating more of them! tongue emoticon
Went and threw away the unwanted fruit with Kogu-san before going to a storeroom that feels like a super secret cabin up on the mountain!
Being back at work is so much better than having nothing to do!




[By Tina– Kannonyama intern from England]


Sorry for the late update again! I’ve been ill! Tried too hard…so weak…
On Tuesday I finally got to go and work in the fruit fields! The weather was beautiful and I felt rejuvenated by being outside with nature! Got some really cool work clothes and everything!
But I woke up the next day and I was ill…
I worked again on Thursday picking oranges that were too small, so that the other oranges can grow bigger.
Looking forward to feeling 100% again!



[By Tina– Kannonyama intern from England]


Hi everyone! Sorry for not updating, I went to Kobe for the weekend! Coming back to Kannonyama after being in a city really makes the difference in air quality obvious. It is so clear up here.
The fruit we had today to taste were grapes! I have never seen such big grapes in England! They were really good 😀
It is the beginning of the seasonal selling season, and things are in full swing. When I left I didn’t think it could get this busy, or this hot!! But even in the heat, the mood is jovial and everyone is working together.
Looking forward to the rest of the week!


今日の試食のためのフルーツはブドウでした!イギリスでこんなに大きなブドウを見たことがないんです!めっちゃ美味しかったです! (^^)v


[By Tina– Kannonyama intern from England]


Today was filled with sun showers. The rain isn’t quite letting up, but the sun is starting to come through.
The morning was spent packaging jam; I was getting hungry just looking at it. Learnt how to fold boxes, I’m going to become an origami-master! As a new product to try, customers get a bottle of juice cider as a present, I was also packing those in protective wrapping to prepare them for shipping.
Today Aoi-san came back from a trip to the Issei shrine! She brought me back a tiny bunny chopstick holder as a present. Thank you!!
Saki-san is trying to think up ideas for the title of this month’s monthly pamphlet. Her calligraphy is amazing! Uhuhu…
You can do it!!


朝はジャムのパッキングでした!ジャムを見るだけでお腹すきます~!箱の折り方を習いました。折り紙マスターになっていきま~す! お客さんはプレゼントで新商品のサイダーをもらいます。発送の準備のためにそのサイダーをプチプチに包んだりしました。


[By Tina– Kannonyama intern from England]


Listening to the sound of rain while quietly packing boxes on a beautiful mountainside really calms the mind.
Today’s fruit tasting was tomatoes! I usually don’t like tomatoes, but these were amazing.
The afternoon was spent packing orders for customers and putting the labels on lemon marmalade with Saki-san.
I’m very lucky to work with such lovely people.




[By Tina– Kannonyama intern from England]


Hello everyone! Another rainy day at Kannonyama Fruits Garden, when will the monsoon season end…? But as the season changes, so too does the produce that comes along with it…what will be next??
The morning was spent packing orders of honey for customers and going to see where the honey is bottled before being sold, I even helped out a bit!
It will soon be prime peach season, so we were lucky enough to receive a new variety of peach from a local farmer to taste. Incredibly lucky to be in a place with all-you-can-eat delicious fruits all year `round!
Looking forward to the new challenges that will come with the change of season.




[By Tina– Kannonyama intern from England]