Now that Ellie’s gone, it’s kinda lonely…T_T
Today and yesterday’s fruit tasting was grapes! They’re sweet and delicious~I heard they’re going to get even more delicious! I can’t wait~
I’m doing my best translating again today! I hope I can make a great English website☆
This morning I went to the grape fields for a little bit. The fields were massive, the air was clear, it was really great. I also got a load of grapes! 😀
Three students from Wakayama University have arrived last week! They all seem really nice so I hope we can get along well!
It really it all-you-can-eat fruits here!


エリーちゃんがいなくて、寂しいですね (TдT)


[By Tina– Kannonyama intern from England]


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