Good evening everyone! I just got back from Mt. Koya ☆ The weather was cool, the scenery was pretty, it was really great!
Last night, I went to a tiny festival with Kaichou, Ellie and the three new interns. It was Ellie’s first festival! I was really happy to be able to do goldfish catching, eat delicious food and see the Bon festival dances!


Ellie here! Going to Mt. Koya with Tina today was really fun ♪ Tina taught me lots of interesting things about Japanese history! Last night’s festival was small but it was really great ☆ I was really happy to have been able to wear yukata with Tina! 




エリーです!今日ティナちゃんと一緒に高野山に行くのは楽しかったです♪ ティナちゃんに日本の歴史について色んな面白い事を教えてもらいました! 昨夜の祭は小さかったけど、とても良かったです☆ティナちゃんと二人で浴衣を着れて嬉しかったです!


[By Tina and Ellie– Kannonyama interns from England]


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