Good evening everyone!
It’s been raining a lot recently! It’s like it’s the monsoon season again.
Yesterday I went digging for potatoes! I went with the new intern Toyofuku-san and Ise-san! It was a bit difficult but it was fun! There were too many spiders and I screamed more than once…T_T; But there were cute froggies so I recovered a bit!
I translated again all day today!
I’m doing my best every day☆


昨日芋掘りしました!新しい研修生の豊福さんと伊勢さんと行きました!ちょっと大変でしたけど、楽しかったです!蜘蛛が多すぎて何回もキャー!って叫びました (;´Д`) 可愛いカエルちゃんがいたから、またちょっと元気になりました!


[By Tina– Kannonyama intern from England]


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