Yesterday we spent the day at the LOHAS festival in Osaka, a festival promoting sustainable lifestyles. The event was HUGE and a lot of fun.  At the festival, Kannonyama had a stall selling a few products including fruit jellies, drinks, honey and some fresh fruits. I helped in the stall (to the best of my ability) handling sales, offering samples to passerby-ers and calling out the infamous ‘いらっしゃいませ!’


Lots of couples and families with their young kids were out and about enjoying the fine weather. There were endless rows of stalls with cute crafts and delicious food on offer, it was hard not to buy everything in sight. I really enjoyed hanging out with the staff, greeting customers and just being in the festive atmosphere. Heading to another festival next week too which I’m really looking forward to now


[By Taylor – Kannonyama intern from Australia]


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