I’ve always wanted to experience a ryokan and this week I finally stayed at one!


Kaichō took Shōchan and I to the beautiful Hiinanoyu Ryokan near Wakayama City. We wore yukata, bathed in an onsen, had relaxing massages, slept on tatami mats and ate an assortment of delicious food prepared by the skilful Hiroto Akama. We also went and checked out the nearby Awashima Jinja (the famous doll shrine) and Wakayama Castle. It was a fantastic couple of days jam-packed with culture and new experiences that I’ll never forget. どうもうありがとうございました.


On a side note, I experienced my first earthquake today! A 5.2 magnitude one at that. Let’s just say that one experience is plenty, thanks.


[By Taylor – Kannonyama Intern from Australia]


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