Our internship program first began in 2011. We have hosted quite a number of interns over the years and we are grateful for having met each and every one. Interns have come from a diverse range of backgrounds and skill-sets from all over the world. It's our goal to one day have an intern from each country around the globe. 


Check out the blogs below which highlight some of our previous interns' experiences here at Kannonyama Fruit Garden.

Hello everyone! My name is Caroline from Germany, and even though I am introducing myself for the first time here, it is already my 5th of 6 month here at the beautiful Kannonyama Farm. As a rather long-term intern, I was happy to experience and be part of the whole process with every little stageKeep Reading

Hello everyone, I’m the new intern who just arrived last Friday. My name is Lea, I’m from France but I’m studying in Beijing, China, which I arrived from last Friday. I will be staying at Kannonyama until the end of August. My hometown in France is called Saint-Tropez, it’s in the south of France moreKeep Reading
おはよございます! Yesterdqy 3rd June was my first day in Japan at Kannonyama. After a night on the traditional Japanese futon, Mr. Kodama showed me during the morning the different parts of the company. Firstly, the factory, in the city, with many big machines. After the factory we took the car to go to the mainKeep Reading

Hi everyone and nice to meet you. I’m Ambrine and I’m gonna stay at the farm until the end of August so this shouldn’t be my first and last post. I arrived here a week ago and already did a lot! The very fist day, kaichou treated us to ramen in his favorite restaurant andKeep Reading

It’s been a while since I’ve posted. So today’s my last day here at Kannonyama. At the end of the month I’ll be returning to Tokyo & Waseda. Its all very bittersweet. & I’m getting ready to go, and will be joining the other interns after lunch for my last day of work & toKeep Reading