Hello everyone! Today is really hot again☆
Today was my first translation for work! I translated 1 page of the website. If I say “1 page”, then you’d think it’s probably really short, right? However, in reality, that page was 2500 Japanese characters! AMAZING RIGHT?? I worked really hard with Ellie, so I’m exhausted♪
Today is Ellie’s last day, so I got Ellie and the three interns to let me take a photo of them☆Saying goodbye…it hurts right… T_T
Tomorrow I’m going back to Kobe with Ellie, so please don’t forget me before Monday!


Ellie here! Today’s translation was fun! In the future, I want to do a job relating to English and Japanese translation, so it was great to have been able to have that experience☆ My time in Kannonyama is coming to an end…It was short but I’m happy I was able to have such a great time here. I was able to feel the sense of community at Kannonyama. I think it’s a really great place to work! Take care, everyone~


今日はエリーちゃんの最後の日だから、私がエリーちゃんと研修生に写真を撮らせてもらいました☆さようならなんて、辛いよね (TдT)




[By Tina and Ellie– Kannonyama interns from England]


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