It’s really hot today!☆
The monthly selling season is back in full swing! Everyone is doing their best so please cheer us on!
Today three new interns have arrived! It looks like they’re gonna be here for about 10 days! I hope we can become good friends! It seems like it would be really tough to come in the busy selling season, but they’re all working enthusiastically with smiles on their faces! I think they’re going to be wonderful interns~
Ellie seems to also be doing her best♪I wonder what she thinks of country life??
Tomorrow I may be going to Mt. Koya again so if I don’t update I’m sorry!!
Let’s keep doing our best!


Ellie here! I’ve only been in Kannonyama for two days now, but my impression of Wakayama so far is that the scenery is really beautiful and everyone is really nice♪ There are quite a lot of bugs though…;P
There’s not much time left before I have to leave, but there are still a lot of things that I want to experience! ☆




エリーです!今まで観音山に2日間しかいないですけど、和歌山の印象は景色がすごく綺麗で、みんなが優しいです♪虫がちょっと多いですけど 笑 帰るまでの残り時間が少ないですけど、まだ色んな事を体験したいです!☆ 観音山の皆さんよろしくお願いします!


[By Tina and Ellie– Kannonyama interns from England]


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