After almost 13 hours of traveling from Tokyo, a Kannonyama human came to my rescue. I took the night bus from Tokyo, and then trains to Kokawa staion. From which I walked to the farm. In retrospect it was ill-thought, as it took almost an hour with my luggage. However, as I got closer, a staff at Kannonyama realized I was one of the interns and proceeded to give me a lift to the farm.


Despite the rough start, I feel like this experience is one I will remember for the rest of my days. Once I arrived, Kaichou showed me around the farm and introduced me to the family. Afterwards, we went shopping for my groceries. After meeting everyone, we went straight to work. We selected lemons until the end of the day.


In the evening we had a welcome / going away party for myself and the another intern. We had bento and some drinks. It was fun, we talked about international politics.

Hence, here’s a picture of me writing this post. Smile and all.


Pagkatapos ng mahabang byahe galing Tokyo, sa wakas nakarating din ako ng Wakayama. Medyo malayo, pero pag dating dito okay naman. Mabait nman ung mga tao, pati maayos naman ung guest house na pinag iistayan ko. Malapig nga lang, ka share ko ung dalawa pang intern na galing ng Germany. Tas nung kinagabihan na, nag arrange sila ng welcome party, kumain kami ng bento tas drinks after.


[By Maria Diaz – Kannonyama Intern from Ireland & Philippines]


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