Today was filled with sun showers. The rain isn’t quite letting up, but the sun is starting to come through.
The morning was spent packaging jam; I was getting hungry just looking at it. Learnt how to fold boxes, I’m going to become an origami-master! As a new product to try, customers get a bottle of juice cider as a present, I was also packing those in protective wrapping to prepare them for shipping.
Today Aoi-san came back from a trip to the Issei shrine! She brought me back a tiny bunny chopstick holder as a present. Thank you!!
Saki-san is trying to think up ideas for the title of this month’s monthly pamphlet. Her calligraphy is amazing! Uhuhu…
You can do it!!


朝はジャムのパッキングでした!ジャムを見るだけでお腹すきます~!箱の折り方を習いました。折り紙マスターになっていきま~す! お客さんはプレゼントで新商品のサイダーをもらいます。発送の準備のためにそのサイダーをプチプチに包んだりしました。


[By Tina– Kannonyama intern from England]


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